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Advertentie 15:54 1-4-2015
Well my husband and I have been looking exploring my curiousity for women for the past few years. We have been on dating sites with little luck. We have even been on one date before. She was more interested in getting my husand in bed than me. Even though we made it clear that it was going to be both of us or not at all. Since I have never been with a woman and can be a bit shy offline, I need someone who is going to take the time to make me relax and enjoy. I enjoy for play just as much as I do sex so that would be nice as well. We are looking for someone we could go on a lunch or dinner date with. If the atraction is there then maybe some fun afterwards. I am 32 with a Cup D chest. The women we are looking for has to be about the same or at least Cup C with big nipples. We live in Eindhoven and are looking for someone as soon as possible. C & B
Gebruikersnaam: Playmatescb
Leeftijd: 37
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Noord-brabant
Geslacht: Stel
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